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The special people that helped me with my music, that helped produce, arrange and record my music.  Highly gifted musicians that backed me up and help make me sound as good as I could sound. And also are featured artist's and musicians on my recordings.

Thank you to the many other musicians that had parts. I am grateful for your help as well.

Thank you very much. Tom Conoboy, Ed Parady of Grateful Ed Productions, and Jeff Mooridian.

And last but not least is thank you to my sister, Joan, whom was always listening, praising and critiquing my songs. Reading over the lyrics and giving me idea's and comments. That meant a lot to me Joan.

Not that I ever made it to the "big time" but my love of the acoustic guitar and singing has made a wonderful hobby for me and now it's playing for me and "the wife". Thank you wife for never complaining about the "noise" I made.